StumbleSoft was founded by employees of FiLo LLC in 2014. After handling multiple technologies and enterprise architectures, FiLo was activity looking for another way to expand its capabilities. In 2012 FiLo took on an R&D project for one of its major clients which included some heavy 3D modeling requirements. December of that year a veteran Game Artist, Dave Gibbons, joined FiLo to tackle the 3D tasks of the R&D project under the leadership of FiLo's CTO, Aaron Copeland. While working the R&D project, Aaron consistently researched and employed cutting edge technologies in unconventional ways, which led him to the Unity3D engine.

Two years later with the R&D project successfully becoming a Program of Record, FiLo decided to tinker with Unity after hours to make a simple "top down shooter" game as a fun way to explore its potential for use in future projects. The top down shooter game idea would not last long- After programming a side-scrolling bonus level, we found play testers responding well to the fast pace action of the side-scroller level. The side-scroller was so engaging that a decision had to be made; In August of 2014 FiLo's President (Jon Graf), CTO (Aaron Copeland) and COO (Patrick Young) decided to create a game studio with Dave Gibbons at the helm as Art Director.

Jon Graf, President

Jon has worked in the logistics and custom software field for over 20 years. He has guided large and small teams on numerous projects in both the commercial and government sectors. Jon is excited to join the Stumble Soft team and is looking forward to our new game which will be release in 3rd quarter of 2017.

David Gibbons, Art Director

Having contributed art assets to games ranging from big AAA-titles, such as the Guitar Hero franchise, down to the smallest indie-projects, Dave continues to be our Jack of all 3D Trades, creating the look and style of our games, from Pre-production Concept Art, Modeling, Texturing, Rigging and Animating end-game assets, to developing both the UI as well as contributing to the fundamental Game Designs used for our finished games.

Currently Looking for a Unity Programmer

If you would like to apply for our open Unity Developer position, please email resume and examples of your work to